About the McLarenbits Team

Why McLarenbits

Dedicated to the McLaren sports cars, we understand the unprecedented feeling that owning one of these fantastic machines can bring. We appreciate the precision engineering, sophisticated styling and spirit that is a McLaren in all our work.

We manufacture aftermarket High-end interior and exterior pre-impregnated carbon fibre parts, bespoke parts and restyling kits for McLaren sports cars.

As we aim to give you the best experience, services and options possible, we made a selection of components from elite brands such as Mansory, Novitec, Topcar, DMC and more.

Why McLarenbits?
Racing roots

Our Origins

The Carbonitti Co Ltd company was established in Asia in 2013 by French entrepreneur Mr DT.

McLarentbits typically benefits from the same Racing heritage and Master high quality that our team has capitalised in from the last decade spent working on varied motorsports projects.

The Motorsports world requires professional skills plus a passion for delivering premium quality and winning capabilities.

Our team acquired this racing mentality, we produce pieces for our clientele, and customer satisfaction is our target.

Our product

McLarenbits is a manufacturer of aftermarket carbon fibre parts for the McLaren community.

 We provide an alternative to McLaren's genuine components.

As we stand for the quality of our product, we develop an aftermarket solution with one of the best ratio quality/cost on the market. 

We ensure that our carbon fibre weave matches the following:

  • the Mclaren factory pattern
  • the herringbone weave "MSO", 
  • the aftermarket forged carbon fibre

  • Our product quality is the result of the material and production process selection.

    We use the latest technology to design, scan, and manufacture our parts and CNC moulds.

    The Japanese toray pre-impregnated carbon fibre material is the base of our product; Our dry carbon fibre parts are the result of a process of production in an autoclave; We cure the part under pressure and heat, which guarantees high mechanical specification. 

    This technology comes from the aerospatial and motorsports field of activity.

    Services we provide for your McLaren sports car

    Craftsmanship & business B2B | B2C

    Carbon fibre parts

    We produce aftermarket parts that replace your genuine plastic or broken component.

    Competitive Prices

    We provide one of the best quality/cost ratios on the market.

    Quality products

    We deliver a product that we stand for, do not compare us with cheap, low-quality parts from eBay, Facebook etc.

    Tech Advisory

    Our technician will reply to any of your questions; we also act as a consultant for your next customisation program.

    Bespoke work

    We can produce bespoke parts or parts with a tailored finish.

    Internet & data security

    We use the best hosting, store platform and gateway payment to keep all your data safe.

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