600LT carbon fiber aero package upgrade

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McLaren 600LT carbon fiber aerodynamic package upgrade.

This is an aerodynamic upgrade work of art; we produce each part in an autoclave with Japanese prepreg dry carbon fiber Toray.

All components of this project are made in 100% exposed dry carbon fiber V weave "MSO" pattern, lightweight and stiff, and durable in time.

This aero package will suit the 600lt, the 570s, the 570gt, and the 540c.

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The McLaren 600LT Coupe and Spider carbon fiber aerodynamic package :

  • Front lip assembly with top cover, side cones, and undertray panel
  • P1 or senna hood
  • Front fender with louvers "MSO" style
  • Side mirror caps
  • Side skirt set
  • Side intake panels set
  • Engine cover without a mesh
  • Tail boot
  • Spoiler assembly
  • The rear bumper diffuser assembly
  • Diffuser undertray panel

Available in the material are as follow:

  • Primed ready to paint with exposed portions of dry carbon fiber glossy finish

  • 100% dry carbon fiber " autoclaved prepreg" V weave glossy or matte finish

  • exposed dry forged carbon fiber glossy finish

  • A mix of dry carbon fiber V weave and Dry forged carbon.

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