McLaren 620R Carbon Fiber Parts Catalog.

The McLarenbits carbon fiber "prepreg" technology gives our produced components durability with high mechanical specifications, lightweight, stiffness, heat resistance, and durability.

To manufacture the 620R McLarenbits aftermarket parts, we use the Japanese prepreg carbon fiber toray, which guarantees a superior aesthetic.

Our aftermarket parts must be your first choice when it comes to upgrading or customizing your car with high-end carbon fiber parts or performance accessories; we provide what you need for your 620R McLaren sports car.

The Mclarenbits team searched and selected a range of high-end aftermarket accessories from big-name in the industry as Novitec, Mansory, DMC, Darwin pro, Tneer, and more.

Following the McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fiber parts catalog for the McLaren 620R:

Front end:

Complete front bumper assembly, front lip, front fender with louver, front bonnet, P1, and senna hood.

Side panel:

Side skirt, side panels, and side mirror caps

Interior component:

Interior trim set, entrance panel, Senna seat


Engine cover, engine air intake, rear bumper assembly, airbrake, diffuser, exhaust tips cover, rear bumper side covers.

Performance and exhaust:

We have the Novitec exhaust system; the Novitec engine power stages 2 and 3, the Tneer Valvetronic exhaust system, and the stock design exhaust system.

Wheel and suspension:

McLarenbits Custom design aluminum forged wheels, Novitec Forged wheel with center lock, Novitec aluminum spacer, and sports spring set with replacement tool.

McLaren Genuine parts:

We can provide all kinds of genuine parts for the McLaren 620R as body and mechanical components.

What about the 620R:

In 2019, Mclaren unveiled the 620R. The most potent Mclaren sports series model.

A racing car on the road, sharing the Monocell II monocoque chassis in carbon fiber, is also used on the 570S GT4, enhanced and tuned to offer drivers a race-worthy experience as they take it on the track or the highway.

A Minimalist Racing interior, six points harness, door pull straps, paddle shift extended, McLaren track telemetry, stiffer antiroll bars, carbon-ceramic brakes, adjustable dampers, and an adjustable rear wing.

A very exclusive vehicle, only 350 units of this special edition have been built. This 620R supersport benefits from all the recent technologic innovations. The McLaren 620R is a road-legal weapon.


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