Armadillo / vented deck

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This part will suit the Mclaren: MP4-12C and 650S
Brand Name: McLarenbits
Manufacturer Article Number: MCB-MCL-9
Mclaren Genuine part number: 1211A3354CP

McLaren MP4-12C & 650S armadillo / vented deck

- It is produced in a 100% dry carbon fiber structure that gives the part superior stiffness, aerospace strength, heat resistance & durability. Our Armadillo will not turn green or have bubbles appearing in time which usually happens with lower quality wet lay carbon fiber products.

- This cover is a direct replacement part and will be installed in the same manner as the genuine components without modification.


  • Dry carbon fiber, aerospace technology, heat resistant, lightweight, stiff and durable.
  • Internal heat shield
  • Precision fitment
  • Technologic and stylish upgrade
  • Anti UV clear coat glossy or matte
  • Shipping cost & insurance is included in the part price

Contact us for parts availability, and shipping cost.

  • Whatsapp: +66 8 525 00 117
  • Email: info@mclarenbits.com

McLarenbits is an independent manufacturer of aftermarket dry carbon fiber parts for the McLaren sports car community.

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