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McLaren 765lt front bumper assembly

The 765lt design front bumper assembly is produced in 100% prepreg dry carbon fibre structure that gives the part a lightweight but superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability.

The front bumper assembly includes:

  • The top cover
  • The splitter
  • The headlight insert
  • The side air duct

Remark: the instalment of the front bumper assembly must be as one part; it can't be disassembly to install the components separately on another 720s or 765lt front bumper.

Front bumper Compatibility with McLaren cars
Mclaren 720s Coupe and Spider all years
Mclaren 765lt Coupe & Spider all years

The part is available in the material as follows:

  • 100% prepreg dry carbon fibre V-weave (herringbone).

  • 100% prepreg dry forged carbon glossy finish

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McLarenbits is an independent manufacturer of aftermarket dry carbon fibre parts for the McLaren sports car community.

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