MP4-12C | Spider

McLaren MP4-12C Carbon Fiber Parts Catalog.

The McLarenbits aftermarket parts for the MP4-12C are in dry carbon fiber; the prepreg technology produces components with high mechanical specifications such as lightweight, stiffness, heat resistance, and durability.

McLarenbits carbon fiber parts carbon fiber catalog for the McLaren mp4-12c coupe & spider:

Front end:

We have the front bumper assembly, the front lip, the stock design or P1 bonnet, the vented front fenders. To restyle to 650S or 675lt, we supply the complete front bumper assembly.

Side panel:

To repair or upgrade your 12c, we provide the side skirt, side turning blade, side mirror caps. To restyle to 650s or 675lt, we supply the side skirt, the side intake blade, the quarter panels.

Interior component:

Interior trim set as the steering wheel, center console, windows switch panel entrance panel, Senna seats.


To repair or upgrade the rear end, we have the rear bumper, the diffuser, the airbrake stock or aftermarket design, the p1 design wing, and the engine covers. To restyle to 650s or 675lt, we supply the engine cover, the quarter panels, the rear bumper and diffuser, the long tail airbrake.

Performance and exhaust:

We have the Tneer Valvetronic exhaust in high-grade stainless steel.

Wheel and suspension:

McLarenbits forged aluminum wheel with custom design and wheel track aluminum spacer, extended wheel stud, Titanium wheel nut.

McLaren Genuine parts:

We can supply genuine parts for the McLaren MP4-12C as body and mechanical components.

What about the MP4-12C:

In January 2011, the McLaren MP4-12C featured the Carbon MonoCell, a revolutionary carbon fiber chassis structure, secure and lightweight.

The MP4-12C received the best technology at every possible level from the McLaren engineers. The McLaren MP4-12C is so perfect that the other supercar makers will struggle to match this combination of value, performance, and technological intrigue.

The MP4 has two special weapons found in no other supercar:

1 ) The hydraulic suspension avoids the body roll; the 12c driver can handle tight jinks with a go-kart’s agility.

2 )The airbrake, which springs to attention during hard braking, adds yards to every straightaway.



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