McLaren P1 Carbon Fiber Parts Catalog.

McLarenbits produce aftermarket dry carbon fiber "prepreg" technology. As a result, our parts are lightweight, stiff, durable with high mechanical specifications and heat resistance.

Restyling GTR body components:

We provide the whole GTR restyling kit for your P1 LM. The set includes the complete front end, side panel, and rear end.

McLaren Genuine parts:

We can supply McLaren genuine parts for the McLaren P1 as body and mechanical components.

What about the P1:

In 2013, the Mclaren P1 was born; the aim is to be the best driver's car on the road and track globally. The P1 got a better ground effect than a GT3 racing car. Great technologies such as lightweight carbon fiber, aerodynamic bodywork components, adjustable suspension, and the rear wing's adjustable height make the P1 top speed 350 Km/h. The P1 is the most dynamically accomplished supercar ever made

The P1 is a hypercar among supercars, shapely, heroically powerful, stratospherically expensive. All 375 examples of the million-dollar-plus, 903-hp gas/electric hybrid land rocket are sold.

The technology amazes a 3.8-liter V-8 that develops 727-hp mated with an electric motor that delivers 177-hp.

The P1 got an electro-hydraulically assisted steering wheel, a hydro-pneumatic suspension system, and a rear wing that extends almost 12 inches.

Every McLaren P1 has been designed and tested to lessen the weight outrage to achieve more efficiency and better performance.



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