McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre components

McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre components for the McLaren sports cars community.

McLarenbits provides aftermarket carbon fibre components for the McLaren sports cars.

As an independent manufacturer, we provide premium quality parts made in 100% dry carbon fibre;

Our parts are lightweight and durable; our prepreg technology is the same composite technology used in motorsports as Formula one and moto GP as an example.

You can order in a few different materials as :

  • Regular carbon that matches the McLaren factory carbon
  • Herington carbon, V weave, which is similar to ” MSO” carbon fibre
  • Forged carbon
  • “Hybrid carbon” is a Mix of Herington and Forged carbon
  • Coloured carbon

All our product comes in a glossy or matte finish.

Solutions that we provide:

  • Even if you purchased a Mclaren sports car without a carbon fibre package, we could provide an upgrade solution at a fraction of the cost comparing to the Genuine parts.
  • You got an accident and looking for replacement parts; we can provide genuine McLaren parts or aftermarket replacement parts. We also could paint the parts with Mclaren painting material and painters.
  • You want parts that no one on the market makes in carbon fibre, well let us know about this project, and we will handle it.
  • We select and provide aftermarket performance parts like the exhaust system and power pack, forged wheels with custom design, customisation program made by some big name in the industry as Novitec, Mansory, DMC, Top car and more.
  • We provide McLaren genuine parts for any model, contact us and tell us what you need.
  • Mclarenbits team help you choose your next customisation program, evolve your car to a new level of uniqueness and elegance, your self-representation.


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McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre components
McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre components

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