Optimized exhaust system RACE GTR

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McLaren Senna Novitec power optimized exhaust system RACE GTR

This Senna Optimized exhaust system RACE GTR is available in two variant:

  1. INCONEL covered with high-temperature heat protection, including NOVITRONIC
  2. INCONEL covered with high-temperature heat protection and gold plated with 999 fine gold, including NOVITRONIC

For many years, Inconel has been used for Formula One and Champ Car exhaust systems.

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McLaren Senna Novitec tuning evolution

  • We work with the best in the business: NOVITEC body components and customisation programs.
  • Bring your McLaren sports car to a new level of design and tuning with the full range of products that Novitec manufacture.

McLaren Senna Novitec MC3 central lock forged wheel

  • High-grade aluminium lightweight and durable.
  • The choice of quality material is the beginning of a premium product.

Novitec handles custom design wheel production. Contact us for more details.

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