Mclaren 650S
650S air break

650S air break OEM design: 12 11A0403CP

-This OEM spoiler suit the McLaren MP4-12C and the 650s, it is produced in carbon fibre structure that gives to the part a superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability.
-This spoiler is lighter than the OEM plastic air break; "A significant improvement regarding the weight".

-This OEM spoiler/air break is a direct replacement part; Fitted in the same way as the OEM components without modification. No core or exchange is required, allowing you to retain your original elements as part of the investment.

-We produce the body components in the matching factory pattern, but our Customization service provides a wide range of distinctive carbon fibre pattern and colour combination available under customer request.


* 100% dry carbon fiber

* Aerospace strength & durability

* Lightweight

* Perfect upgrade

This item will replace the genuine part with the number as follow:
12 11A0403CP

650S OEM design air break Gallery

  •  mclaren-650S-OEM-air-break-carbon-fiber

  •  mclaren-650S-carbon-fiber-OE air-brake

  •  Mclaren-650S-carbon-fiber-air-break-spoiler

  •  Mclaren-650S-dry-carbon-fiber-air-break-spoiler

  •  Mclaren-650S-carbon-fiber-air-break-OEM-design

  •  Mclaren-650S-carbon-fiber-air-break-close-up

  •  Mclaren-650S-OEM-design-spoiler-wing-air-break

  •  Mclaren-650S-carbon-fiber-air-break-wing-OEM-design

  •  650s-rear-wing-spoiler-air-break-oe-design-dry-carbon-fiber

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