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'I got the hatch. Looks great. Let's get those fenders.'

Freda B. Walker
'Received the parts today. Looks really nice! Thanks."


"Hi David, I've just receive the goods yesterday, once fit in the car I'll send you photo, the carbon very nice."
McLaren-600lt-570s-540c-carbon-fibre catalogue

Hey David, doing great thank you! Hope you are as well. I have had some fun with my Mclaren, lowering H&R springs, 22″ Forgiatos, Michelin Pilots, M420 sills, and of course your awesome carbon fiber pieces … oh yeah hi-flow cats. The two spoliers do not do it for me. The “duck” one reminds me of the old school Porsche ones i had at one time, the other one well it’s just doesn’t have the look i am looking for. Some of the others i have seen such as the ones you have posted are more like it. If the “duckee” one flowed down onto the rear fenders then maybe. What are your thoughts? I would not mind spending extra for a custom one either… Thanks



Great job! Time is not an issue. not to worry. I appreciate that you take workmanship as the priority. Looking forward to have those sweet parts installed. Again Nice work. One question, for the Mclaren Martin Vantage door mirror (pre 2011), would you need my original two mirrors in order to have the mirror cover upgraded to carbon or what is the exact procedure (I am considering) ?



To Whom It May Concern: About a year ago i purchased as Aston Martin Vantage. Being a toal car guy I always look for quality items to add to my cars to make them more personalzied. For a car like the Aston Martin, it takes very high quality parts to fit the car and satisfy my critical eye. On this car i wanted to use some carbon fiber parts to dress it up and improve the looks and style. As we are all aware, carbon fiver is very costly and not easy to work with.Aafter much searching here in the states i found a company in California that had things i wanted for my car. They were costly but appeared to be of good quality and came recommended by many Aston Marting owners through out the country. After spending about $2000.00 on parts from this company I realized that the quality was pretty good, but not great for the cost, and the fit was not 100 percent on. I started another searcg and located DNA Engineering. I e-mailed them and made contact with David Thomas. I advised him of what i was looking for and asked for a price quote. David was quizk to respond and offered the aprts i was looking for at a very good price, much better than i had found in the states. I placed the order and in about a month I had the aprts here in Washington State. This was as good and fast of service as i had gotten from a company within the states! Upon checking i found the aprts to be very high quality carbon fiber. The fit and finish was much etter than the previous items i had purchased at a higher cose. I was very surprised out the US. I found Davis Thomas to be great to deal with, accurate as far as prices, quality and delivery times as any one i have ever dealt with. It is with out hesitation that i would recommend David, his company he represents and the high quality items he sells.
Steve , California

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