What are the differences between McLaren genuine and mclarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre parts?

When your McLaren sports car requires components to upgrade, repair or replace an existing element, recognizing the distinction between OEM/MSO and McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre parts might help you determine which one to choose:

  • Origin of parts
  • How are they Preferable to Aftermarket Alternatives?
  • Other factors that may determine what type of part to use?


OEM stands for the Original Equipment Manufacturer, and it refers to the firm that created the component that went into the car during the production process.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) department provided parts:
When ordering a new McLaren Sports car, if you wish for the vehicle to have Carbon Fibre parts, these are only included in the car’s specification as optional upgraded items and are provided through McLaren’s MSO department along with any specific painting requirements.

So, specifically, any Carbon fibre ‘OEM’ part used in the vehicle build is distinguished from other non – carbon fibre parts and are referred to as MSO’s

McLarenbits Aftermarket

McLarenbits,is an independent parts manufacturer for the McLaren Sportscar Community. Our aftermarket parts fit precisely into that space because we ensure hardened research modules and processes to match each vehicle model’s exact requirements and design specifications.

McLarenbits aftermarket parts may also design and produce bespoke pieces to suit the McLaren sports car owner vehicle’s requirements, enabling unique styling.

How are they Preferable to Aftermarket Alternatives?Knowing that every component in your sports car is an OEM/MSO part is significant to some carowners. However, after a vehicle leaves the dealership lot, it is no longer new, and its valuereflects that, so investing in OEM/MSOparts may not be worthwhile.Deciding which components are appropriate for your situation is a matter of personalpreference. If money is a crucial consideration, McLarenbits aftermarket components withaffordable prices, but the equivalent quality maybe more tempting!McLaren sports car owners might think that OEM parts are superior to aftermarket ones, but ourproducts have no differences.You can trustMcLarenBits,aswe assure quality procedures, outstanding sales, and after-saleservice. Our bespoke department is always ready and more than happy to assist you with yourspecific requirements in any query.

Factors that may determine what type of part to use?

Damaged Vehicle
If you take your car to the Main dealership, and If your insurance covers the entire repair cost, then for sure, you can be confident you’re getting OEM components.

If your insurer does not support the entire repair cost, independent auto repair companies may provide you with the option to use aftermarket parts.

Here at McLarenbits often get referrals from main dealerships who are happy to recommend us to their clients who are perhaps looking for a more affordable quality ‘Aftermarket’ alternative to OEM parts.

You can purchase your OEM/MSO or Aftermarket part from McLarenbits as we often offer a better deal than official dealers as they apply a substantial margin on top of the genuine parts cost.

McLarenbits team provide the services as follow:

  • Body components as a monocoque, body panel, interior trim, and more.
  • Chassis parts as A-arm, dampers, wheels.
  • Engine components as engine, gearbox, radiators, turbo.
  • Painting material as Genuine paint, MSO paint, clear coat.

We can provide those worldwide; connect today with if you have any parts replacement queries or wish to upgrade your vehicle or design your bespoke carbon fibre parts

What are the differences between McLaren genuine and mclarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre parts?
What are the differences between McLaren genuine and mclarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre parts?

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