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The McLaren 720s is a phenomenal car, it's dynamic, fast, and beautiful, but that doesn't mean it can't be even better. That's why many McLaren sports car owners upgrade their standard 720S with luxurious aftermarket components like our McLarenbits carbon fibre panels and accessories.

The McLaren 720S has been called the most accessible supercar ever made by the company, and for a good reason. The successor to the 570S, this sleek beast boasts performance figures that make it one of the fastest cars around – even when in stock.

McLarenbits offers plenty of ways to improve your 720S without spending too much money or sacrificing its usability as a daily driver. Here are our top ten suggestions for upgrading your McLaren 720S with our carbon fibre parts!

McLarenbits Carbon Fibre Panels

If you want to make your McLaren 720s exterior pop, you can get McLarenbits carbon fibre panels installed.

The best areas to upgrade include the front and rear end, the interior and the sides. It will add a technological, sleek, smooth, and stylish look to your car and make it stand out in a crowd.

Getting your McLarenbits carbon fibre panels installed is an excellent investment to make your McLaren sports car unique.

Please consult us for your aesthetic and aerodynamic Upgrades.

Aesthetic and aerodynamic upgrades are some of the most popular ways to evolve your McLaren 720S.

Firstly, contact the McLarenbits Team and tell us about your customisation project; Our specialist will guide you through all solutions in our tools box to successfully achieve your Mclaren sports car customisation project according to your budget.

Bespoke Pristine Satin Blue Carbon Fibre 765lt restyling kit

a bespoke carbon fibre body kit with the satin blue finish specification. The client will upgrade his McLaren 720s coupe with restyling components such as a front bumper, bonnet and fenders, interior trim set and rear diffuser, all with a blue satin touch which reveals uniqueness and elegance.

Accordingly, to your customisation expectations Whatever route you decide to customise your McLaren sports car, a mcLarenbits prepreg carbon fibre exterior part will add a lot of value to your 720S and make it stand out from the crowd. It's a cost-controlled upgrade that can save you tens of thousands of dollars. You can go with the industry's most expensive renowned third-party brand, with the genuine McLaren and MSO carbon fibre package, or you can go with a McLarenbits carbon fibre package. Either way, you'll get a sleek, smooth, and beautiful body that will make your 720S stand out.


Upgrading your McLaren 720S can be a great way to make it your own.

You can upgrade your car in various ways, from aesthetic upgrades like new seats, interior trim set and wheels to more drastic changes like a new carbon fibre exterior or aerodynamics components.

Regardless of your decision, remember that upgrading your McLaren 720S coupe or spider with the McLarenbits great way to make it more unique and truly reflect your personality.

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