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As a McLaren sports car owner, you are always looking for the best way to upgrade, repair or replace an existing element; recognizing the distinction between Genuine and McLarenbits aftermarket carbon fibre parts might help you determine which one to choose.

  1. Origin of parts
  2. How are they Preferable to Aftermarket Alternatives?
  3. Other factors that may determine what type of part to use?

1. Origin of parts

McLaren genuine (OEM)

OEM Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which refers to the firm that created the component that went into the car during the production process.

McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

When ordering a new McLaren Sports car, if you wish for the vehicle to have Carbon Fibre parts, these are only included in the car's specification as optional upgraded items and are provided through McLaren's MSO department along with any specific painting requirements.

So, specifically, any Carbon fibre 'OEM' part used in the vehicle build is distinguished from other non-carbon fibre parts and is referred to as MSOs.

McLarenbits Aftermarket

McLarenbits is an independent parts manufacturer for the McLaren Sports car Community.

Our aftermarket parts fit precisely into that space because we ensure hardened research modules and processes to match each vehicle model's requirements and design specifications.

McLarenbits aftermarket parts can design and produce bespoke pieces to suit the McLaren sports car owner's requirements, enabling unique styling.

2. How are they Preferable to Aftermarket Alternatives?

Knowing that every component in your sports car is an OEM/MSO part is significant to some car owners. However, after a vehicle leaves the dealership lot, it is no longer new, and its value reflects that, so investing in Genuine OEM parts may not be worthwhile.

Deciding which components are appropriate for your situation is a matter of personal preference. If money is a crucial consideration, McLarenbits aftermarket components with competitive prices, but the equivalent quality may be more tempting!

McLaren sports car owners might think OEM parts are superior to aftermarket ones, but our products are similar in terms of materials, quality, fitment and durability.

You can trust McLarenbits, as we assure quality procedures, outstanding sales, and reliable after-sale service.

Our bespoke department is always ready to assist you with your specific requirements in any query.

3. Others Factors that may determine what type of part to use?

Repair a damaged Vehicle

If you take your car to the Main dealership, and If your insurance covers the entire repair cost, then for sure, you can be confident you're getting Genuine OEM components.

Suppose your insurer only supports a limited repair cost. In that case, independent auto repair companies may provide you with the option to use genuine second-hand parts or aftermarket parts such as mclarenbits components.

Upgrade project

some McLaren sports car owners want to upgrade their cars with quality carbon fibre components at a controlled and reasonable cost. McLarenbits can assist you in your project part selection and make you an irresistible offer on.

Customization project

You can apply a body kit to change your McLaren sports car's look radically. The McLarenbits team has a selection of renowned brands such as Novitec, Mansory, Top car and more. We can get the best price on that customization program for you.

Here at McLarenbits often get referrals from main dealerships who are satisfied to recommend us to their clients who are perhaps looking for a more affordable quality 'Aftermarket' alternative to Genuine OEM parts.

McLarenbits team provide the services as follows:

  • Genuine and aftermarket body components include the body panel, interior trim, and more.
  • Bespoke pre-impregnated carbon fibre parts manufacturing.
  • Selection of renowned names in the industry, such as Novitec, Mansory, and more.
  • Painting material as Genuine paint, MSO paint, clear coat.
  • Custom design aluminium forged wheel.

We ship worldwide; connect today with if you have replacement queries or wish to upgrade your vehicle or design your bespoke carbon fibre parts.

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